dental professionalBeing a dental hygienist is a popular profession for many reasons. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) states that dental hygienist was listed as the #5 profession in the U.S. News & World Report “100 Best Jobs” list in 2015 and that they make yearly salaries of $71,110. The ADEA also shares the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projection that dental hygienist employment will grow by 33.3% through 2022.

These incentives and the high competition for entry are why we have compiled this list of 7 essential things you should include when writing a dental hygienist personal statement: to help you with writing a personal statement for dentistry. You have to stand out in your dental hygienist personal statement and other application documents.

Dental Hygienist School Requirements

Your grades, while important, are not the only thing that will get you into your chosen dental hygienist school.

Dental hygienist school requirements can be different, but most of them will require the following:

  • Previous transcripts
  • Test scores
  • Professional references
  • Personal statement
  • Written interview questions
  • Job shadowing
  • Application forms

Although all of the educational and professional achievements are important, they are just essential prerequisites. The one thing completely in your control and your one chance to truly stand out is the personal statement.

7 Essential Things You Should Include When Writing a Dental Hygienist Personal Statement

full oral health careThere is no single magic formula for how to be a dental hygienist, but there are essential elements that should be included in your personal statement. Without these, it won’t be strong enough to outdo competitors.

The 7 essential things you should include when writing a dental hygienist personal statement are:

  • Why you want to study dental hygiene. This seems obvious, but some people may think it is implied and not specifically explain what interests them about the field. Let your passion for the area of dental hygiene come through and describe what drew you to it. If there is a particular moment or event that led you to this area, you can focus on that.
  • Job shadowing or any experience in the area. If you have already demonstrated an interest in dental hygiene through your actions, you will be a more desirable dental professional. Any relevant experience, including the specific scope of clinical procedures, should be mentioned and you should discuss how it added to your passion for the discipline. They want to know you will be able to assist in providing full oral health care and in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases.
  • Your previous education. Although they will have your transcripts and results, you can briefly mention your education and what you have learned from it. You can also discuss how it has added to the skills required to be a dental hygienist and how it has added to your dental hygienist preparation.
  • Leadership positions and achievements. Any position of leadership is a sign that people trust you. This will give them confidence that you are dependable and reliable. Any other awards or achievements can also be highlighted in your professional statement for dental hygienist.
  • Experience working with people. Being a dental hygienist requires that you be calm and polite when dealing with people, so it is a good idea to show any experience you have with people in your community. Experience with children would also be advantageous, as younger patients will usually need more support and reassurance. Show that you meet the dental hygienist personal characteristics.
  • Your goals and aspirations. As well as your past experience, you can share your future ambitions and how you want to progress. This will showcase your passion as much as your past achievements and will let them know you are serious in your dental hygiene mission statement.
  • Extracurricular activities and other interests. To show that you are a well-rounded individual and that you pursue your passions and interests to the full, you can tell them about your other activities. They will learn more about you as a person.

You also must write in a clear and concise way that highlights the relevance of information and present your writing in an attractive format. iHireDental recommends avoiding repetition and weak language in your dental hygienist personal statement or resume and also suggests keeping in mind to sell it, not tell it. It is harder than it seems to implement all of this advice, even if you have a sample dental hygienist personal statement.

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